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Building Welcoming Communities

Individuals who volunteer help solve difficult problems, connect with others in their community, and contribute to the spirit of civic engagement that is integral to the American identity. In addition, volunteers gain skills that can help them achieve future employment or education goals.

We all have unique skills and experiences that can be shared with others – anyone can volunteer. Every day, new Americans contribute to the vitality of their receiving communities by engaging in service activities. These include: volunteering in a place of worship, providing interpreter services to fellow immigrants, coaching sports and working with youth, or supporting the local Parent Teacher Association.

The New Americans Project will help promote volunteer opportunities for those interested in helping newcomers adjust to life in the United States and opportunities for newcomers to get involved in their communities through volunteer service. Volunteer To Serve will coordinate with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, the Department of Health and Human Services, and other federal agencies that interact with new Americans to ensure that they have information on how to find local service opportunities.

This website provides a zip-code based search engine that identifies local organizations in need of volunteers. Find a volunteer opportunity in your area!

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Volunteering helps build welcoming cities—and welcoming cities create space for new Americans to bring their talents into their new community.
Volunteer To Serve is encouraging all community members--including long-time residents and newcomers—to volunteer in service of building welcoming communities. That could mean helping to teach English or civics, helping a refugee settle into their new home, or simply stepping up within your place of worship or parent-teacher association. Everyone can contribute to creating more welcoming communities.
New Americans

Find a volunteer opportunity to learn more about your community and life in the United States. Many Americans volunteer a few hours each week or month with a local school, place of worship, neighborhood association, hospital or other organizations. Become a volunteer and help America!

U.S. Citizens

Support the New Americans Project by helping immigrants and newcomers learn English, learn about America, and settle in the United States. Use the search box below to find an opportunity to teach an English class, teach American history and civics, or help an immigrant settle in his or her new community.

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